Friday, July 25, 2008

Just hanging at the beach

We just got back from staying at the beach for 11 days. We are now a nice golden brown (not sure how long it will last, but hope it will). The Rogers clan go every year in July and this year was year 21! We stay at the same campsite in San Clemente. That's right San Clemente where Ryan Sheckler lives. We ran into him at Pipes breakfast cafe. No, just kidding we didn't, but it's funny to go to all the places they show on his MTV show. I really think Heather was the most sad not to see him :) Just kidding Heather. We boogie boarded, wave skied, lounged, and watched 5 boys in the family do a triathlon.
The boys after the race-feeling so proud of their triathlon accomplishments.I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I was too preoccupied just having fun at the beach and before I knew it I really didn't have many on my memory card going home. Here are just a few of the Rogers hanging out under their umbrellas. My favorite in this picture is that guy over to the right in the background-he has gotten way too much sun in his life, but I kind of think he thinks it is cool. He is even sporting the white bandanna. Kristi is a natural beach lover. She is so calm with her kids and just goes with the flow. I might go a little crazy trying to manage 5 kids there, but she loves it.Jeff loves to wave ski and stayed out for five hours one afternoon not even coming in to eat. That's a love for the ocean.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alright, here are a TON of pictures! When I left my camera in AZ back at Christmas time all all of my pictures were left as well. I couldn't resist and had to add pictures all the way back from December. I'll start with what has happened the most recent and work my way backwards! For the 4th of July we sped off to Greer, AZ and stayed in the Rogers' family cabin. There were 26 of us total and one bathroom! To say the least it really was a great time:
Teaching the kiddos how to shoot a BB gun-Way to go Jed and Jeff!Down at a picnic by the creek-Isn't Brody the cutest little chip eating elf?! Jed dunking his kids into the cold stream-They LOVED it.
The Jobes-we went hiking with them after everyone else left. I love those green trees in the background.
Having fun at our hike. I love, love to hike and wish I could do more hiking in Greer someday.
Heather, her girls, Ricky, and Raiden enjoying a picnic lunch by the stream.Alright, the Eager 4th of July Parade was the best parade ever! I don't think Brody appreciates me stretching his arms that much. Sorry buddy!
Steve, Rick, Kristi, and Jeff hanging out on the curb watching the parade.
At the end the Fire trucks came by honking their horns. Tyson felt it was too much. What a cutie!
What a ham Brody is! I think he knows what a camera is. As long as he is on dad's back he is loving life.Alright, on an earlier event: The best day ever....My Birthday! I woke up craving Krispy Kream and ate so many that I got a huge stomach ache. Ellen had to join in on the eating fun!On my Birthday I woke up with a case of pink eye? I think that is what it was. I just love wearing my broken glasses. Arghhhh...not. We had a mini party at Alisha's house to celebrate mine, but mainly Brody's Birthday. I can't begin to tell you how awesome everyone is and how sweet all the gifts were. I would be happy with doughnuts and cake, but everyone was too nice and brought awesome gifts! Brody's Birthday cake BEFORE...
and AFTER...
Jumping forward in time: hanging out with the family. Holly's boy Raiden is hilarious. That kid could eat for days if you let him. In this picture Brody and Raiden were fighting over bites of an ice cream bar. Too bad I didn't get a picture of Raiden's face...he is so cute.Our big move: Moving is probably one of the most stressful things to do. I am so glad that the 22 hour drive is long gone. Here we are about to hop in the Penske after all day of packing. One last goodbye to the house...
This picture is all the way from December 07, but I thought it was funny. Here is what Ryan would do...chill, relax, play, have fun, no worries. He is now on his mission looking back on these days thinking that they were great times. Ryan and the funny Kade doing their own thing...not talking, just chilling.Christmas 07 pictures that were lost until now! I couldn't stop laughing when this one came up...Kristin Rogers holding Tyler at the annual Rogers party.
Decorating sugar cookies at my parent's ward party. First taste of a good.
Kayla's a rockstar model and is a blast to hang out with. I loved decorating cookies with her.
The Wiemer family walking around the Temple lights. I remember that it was so cold. I really miss that!
For Ellen and Steve's Christmas present we had all of the grandkids get together and get a picture done at Freestone Park. What a funny bunch of kids. 15 grandkids with 3 now on the way!
I had to add this picture in because Jeff seems to be doing the Zoolander Blue Steel face and well, Brody is just hating the puffy polar bear sweater.