Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And this is what happens when you go to public school

I have had a bump in my leg for as long as I can remamber that has always hurt. Over the years it grew bigger until about two years ago it hurt so bad I went to the Dr. He made a small incision and drained black liquid from it. The bump has been growing again these past two years and it has been hurting so much that it was keeping me awake at night. I decided to go to the Dr. again. This time the Dr. sliced the whole scar tissue lump out of my leg and when he opened it up a piece of pencil led came out. After asking my mom about this she said "Oh I guess it was you tht got stabbed by another kid in your class with a pencil in grade school...yeah that makes sense now". So, I have had the piece of led in my leg for 20 years! I guess that was the risk I took by going to public school in Mesa! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November recap

Okay, November recap of what went on...
While we were gone on our awesome cruise my sister Christa was finding out that she has breast cancer. A small lump turned out to be way more than she ever excpected and she had to come down to the valley two weeks ago to have major surgery. She will start chemo and radiation which will go on for months and months. I really hope the best for her and am glad that she has a great hubby to help her. She is a super blogger and I love the fact that she is. Between coming down to the valley where all of her doctors are and her blog I get to stay up to date with everything.
Our cruise was fun, but I did worry about her while we were gone because I got a text right before leaving...that stuff stays on your mind.
The boys relaxing poolside

Going out on a smaller boat taking us out to an island

Brody LOVED the "airplane boat"

Jeff is so in love with the ocean that he couldn't resist going snorkeling out into the ocean on a cold day; by himself...isn't he weird?!

The boys loved looking over the ship for seagulls, fish, or dolphins

Saying goodbye to the boat

Once we were off the boat we made our way to SeaWorld for some more fun

I really don't understand what that pose that child is doing

Shark exhibit

We had a great week of nonstop fun.