Thursday, May 13, 2010

My little brother home from his misssion

Last night we got to see Ryan at the airport returning home from his mission in Washington D.C. Here we all are waiting a little too late for some of these crazy kids. His flight kept on getting pushed back later and later until it finally arrived at almost 11:00 PM.

Alisha and Kayla with "Bud":

Ryan with some of his nieces and nephews...they were all super hyper and waited at security check point until they could see him walking up the ramp:

The kids loved decorating my parents house with hearts and posters earlier in the day for Ryan to come home to:

Brody has spent the past few days learning how to potty train! He has had some ups and downs. Holly saw him the other day and told him that if he did a good job at going on the potty that she would make him his very own cake. That got the little guy super excited and he tried really hard after that. Sure enough, yesterday Holly brought Brody his very own cake! He loved it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Baseball time in full swing

One of Brody's favorite things to so is watch his cousins play baseball. We have been going to a few of their games this season and Brody has decided he wants to be a baseball player. At one of cousin Cooper's games he started yelling with the crowd "Go Cooper" he got home that night and told me, "Mom, when I play baseball you can yell GO BRODY"! Right after that I signed him up for Gilbert Parks and Rec beginning sports skills for 2 and a half to four year olds. He is super excited and can't wait for the classes to start!
Kade showing off his cool number 3:

Brodsters loves running around with Cooper..Cooper treats him so well, it is awesome:

Cooper, Brody, Candin, and kayla hanging out watching Kade's game Saturday morning:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jeff finished the Ironman!

Jeff's Ironamn time: 16 hours 33 minutes
St. George Utah Ironman is finally done and Jeff can check it off his list of accomplishments. It was crazy hard and was painful to watch people push their bodies so much. This was the first year St. George Utah put on their Ironman and the problem was that they have SO many hard hills. It's hard enough to do an Ironman, but when you add freezing cold water, crazy steep hills, and almost seems unfair. All I was hearing at the end of the race was that nobody would be signing up for St. George again and that it was the hardest Ironman out there. Yep, that was Jeff' sfirst 140.6 mile Ironman!!!
All the boys finally done:

Brody had to entertain himself somehow...making "rock towers":

When we finally pulled into our driveway after the long car ride home, Jeff was surprised to see our house heart attacked and posters on the garage. Thanks to the Newmans and Wiemers: