Monday, March 31, 2008

Week of March 24-30

My neighbor had mentioned to me last weekend that they had some toys their little boy doesn't need anymore. She followed through and brought them over. Much to my surprise it was way more toys than I was imagining.

One of my friends, Erika, had her baby this week. She and her husband decided to not find out what the sex of the baby was. It would drive me crazy for nine months not knowing what to plan for. Every time I would ask which names she was thinking about she could only think of girl names and well, they came in handy. Claire weighed only 6 lbs., has dark hair, and is such a cutie.

The weather was great on Thursday and when Jeff got home a little earlier than expected we raced over to the park. Can you see the blue sky behind the curious thumb trying to grab my camera?

Brody played with that one piece of grass for a while. It really fascinated him. (SO cute)

Friday morning was story time at the library. I met Julie there and we stayed afterwards and checked out books for our nine month olds. I'm not sure they appreciate it as much as we do. Brody sat next to Julie during an entire book.

Friday night we took Brody over to his very first babysitter (who is not a grandma). The Rowley's in the ward have been begging to watch him and of course we took their offer. Duh. Babysitter for way we could pass up on that one. After our movie they fed us a steak dinner. Very nice.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Week of March 18th-23rd

Spring is starting to come to Midlothian...slowly. We have a few great sunny days and then a cold rainy day sneeks up on us. I am LOVING the warm sunny days because for afternoon nap I take Brody on a walk through the neighborhood. I walk listening to my Ipod until he finally wakes is a serious stay-at-home mommy sanity saver.

Parker College held its annual Easter lunch. They do an awesome job at these and invite all family members of students to come. While you eat they have drawings for prizes, a balloon guy, and great catered food. Brody is just one of "the guys".


The City of Midlothian put on an Easter egg hunt at the park in town and there were a ton of people. I got there with Brody, Easter basket in hand hoping to get him an egg. Wow...I was wrong. The only thing I could scrounge up for him was a sucker laying in the grass. Afterwards the Mayor told Brody he put a side a few eggs and he could have one of them . He was sure happy with his sucker though.

Brody is getting so can see how I have a hard time carrying the chunk around.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Week of March 9-15

This week I had the opportunity to visit Utah for the funeral of my Grandmother. As you can see, she was a beautiful woman outside and in. At the funeral they talked about her sense of humor and her love for her family. Going there was a great opportunity to remember her and visit with the family. Left: Brother Ryan, Sister Alisha, Me & Brody, Brother-in-law Morgan, Aunt Diane, Uncle Mike, Cousin Rachel, Cousin Ingemar, Uncle John, Cousin Heather, Cousin Meghan, Sister Christa Front Row: Niece Cassidy, Niece Sarah, Nephew Lund, and Dad holding Nephew Will
I got the chance to see cousins, Aunts, and Uncles that I have not seen in 13 years!
Also got the chance to hang out with my sisters and brother-
We went exploring downtown Salt Lake at Temple Square. We got a tour of the new Conference center, the Relief Society building, and the Joseph Smith building.We caught Will staring at the cute couple across the reflective pool.
My sister's oldest daughter, cassidy was a huge help and loved to hold Brody and thought I was goofy when she found the comb I packed for him. The Joseoh Smith building which used to be a Utah hotel was gorgeous. Christa's kids and Brody standing in front of a Joseph Smith statue. Sarah is gorgeous with her big brown eyes. I really think she will have to fight off the boys someday. Brother-in-law Morgan, dad, and Cassidy in front of Salt Lake Temple.Inside the Conference Center-
This painting is life size. If you stand up to it you feel as if you were really there. The building is pretty neat. We went and sat in the seats and looked down at the massive building which holds 12,000 people and they told us it is so hard to get in to a session.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week of March 2-7

I went over to my friend's Julies house to have dinner with the missionaries. We had spaghetti....without any silverware or plates! She invited another family from the ward over and they were really entertaining. The dad was hilarious and made it really enjoyable. Julie's husband played the drums (he is very talented) while one of the family's sons played the electric guitar. We had food and entertainment.
Julie's girl-Riley
We woke up to snow. It was a winter wonderland outside. Of course, I had left my camera over at Julie's house, but it was a gorgeous sight. Brody turned nine months and I have decided that he has what I call the "baby disease". He has no signs of teeth yet and has absolutely no hair. He is not crawling or even propping himself up to his hand and knees. I know everyone must worry with their first child about everything and I feel like I am doing a ton if it. I want some progression. He is doing well at naps (whew) and his toys keep him occupied for a while. Saturday-

Downtown Dallas during the day.

Downtown Dallas at night.
Jeff is preparing for boards and is out at his school all the time taking classes to prepare him for the crazy test. I drove out to Dallas with Brody and met him and we hopped over to a movie. Um...what were we thinking. Brody doesn't do movies. We took turns outside of the movie and vowed never to go to the movies again. What I really need are my mom and Jeff's mom to live close so that we can actually go to a movie!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Week of Feb 21-March 2

This week went by with not much happening. Saturday was a gorgeous day and we headed off to a park in town. Jeff flew a kite while Brody swung and I sipped on my Sonic drink. Pretty relaxing day!Brody made a friend at the park, but didn't want to have anything to do with her and ignored her while she tried to get his attention to play.
I cropped this picture because while Jeff was taking it I didn't relize the little guy was trying so hard to steal my drink. He is obsessed with pop. Everyday I run to Sonic and he whimpers and whines when he sees them handing it to me through the window. But, hey I am not Britney Spears and I do not let my kid drink Coke. Jeff will sneak in a few drops of it here and there to his mouth when I am not looking.
It is crazy how the Texas weather differs from day to day. Saturday was gorgeous and then Sunday brought tornado warnings.
We hope everyone had a great week and we miss all of our friends and family back in AZ. I know you all will stay warm with those 70 degree perfectly sunny days!!!