Friday, June 27, 2008

Missionary letters

Elder Ryan Wiemer, my little brother, has been out on his mission for a whole week and a half and says it is very hard. Poor guy is hanging in there though. We found a website that allows you to type up a letter for a missionary who is currently in the MTC.
They will print it out and send it to them thru the mail for free. Pretty neat. If you know someone who is currently in the Salt Lake MTC it is worth doing. Ryan is and would probably love to get a letter from anyone. It does ask for departure date: his is Aug 19 and MTC box number: his is 181. I know it is hard for the guys (and gals) to leave for such a long time and they probably get pretty homesick.
As you have noticed there are no pictures :( because we are trying to set up our computer. I love to post cute pictures of Brody to brag how so adorable he they will be coming soon!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We are sweating!!!!

It is so stinkin hot here in AZ, but are glad the trip is over. The 1000 mile trip was full of many adventures. I didn't take any pictures and now looking back on it I wish I would have. We spent 22.5 hours on the road total. We couldn't find a hotel room one of the nights until 1 AM and it was the most filthy place ever. (We were just glad we got to sleep) We got pulled over twice for the same thing, but if you get a warning in the same day they can't give you a ticket! Brody threw up for the first time in his little life all over Grandma Ellen. We did it though and are living with Jeff's parents in Gilbert until we find a house. House shopping really is fun though and we want to take our time and get a good deal. We are loving swimming and are ready for our many adventures in the near future!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The big move

Well, we have been packing like maniacs and will soon be leaving. Really soon. We are out of Midlothian on Wednesday. Jeff's parents are flying in tomorrow to help us pack and help us with take the 2 day of travel it takes to get home. I will post again when we get settled. AZ here we come!!! What an adventure this will be....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ryan's farewell

Ryan-my 19 year old brother-is having his farewell this Sunday. He is leaving next week and will be serving in the Washington D.C. Spanish speaking mission. He is speaking at church and saying his fun goodbyes. The church building is located South of Greenfield and Elliot and starts at 9 AM. I am going to miss seeing him leave by three days. Crazy, but I know he'll do great at learning the language and teaching the gospel.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

House sold

Well, we would like to announce that our house is SOLD. We are pretty sure this time it will all go through. Appraisal and inspection have both been done and we have been working on fixing the minor items that the sellers requested. We are closing on June 16th and have to be out the 19th! So soon. We are very excited to be moving back to AZ, but are also dreading the multiple day trip it takes to get a Uhaul full of stuff back. Wish us luck!!!

Jeff had the wonderful job of sealing nails on the roof. Apparently a few were exposed. Yeah, we have no clue what all of this means so we threw some tar over them. Hopefully that seals them.
This past Saturday we went to a BBQ at one of Jeff's classmates house. Brody warmed up to this girl Danielle and loved sitting on her lap playing with her hair and phone. I think he had a little crush on her because he spent a lot of time with her.
Brody with Danielle and her fiance Charlie-both will be graduating with Jeff this summer.
Some more of Jeff's classmates-Vid and Eric with his new baby.
Erica is a new mom and loves kids. Her little girl is so cute and tiny compared to Brody. Jeff thinks he is strong, but Charlie is stronger. Jeff is sitting behind me saying he won, but it just doesn't look like it from the picture. (Jeff-"You're a dork") (Becky-"I know")