Monday, January 28, 2008

Fish tank sold

Our house is for sale and we don't know when we'll sell it, where we'll rent if it sells...our life is so up in the air right now. We have been going through reducing what we will have to move in the near, Jeff made a big sacrifice and sold his 125 gallon fish tank. He loves fish and we agreed that when we are settled in the next few years that he can get a bigger and better one. Can't wait! The only thing is that I really hope the carpet recovers from having all of the weight on it for almost three years. The tank went to a nice family who have four kids and are really excited about having it in their home.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Britney tagged me on her blog not too long ago. Cool..I haven't done one of these yet. Thanks for the opportunity Brit.
Here are the rules:
-Link to the person who tagged you.
-Leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours.-Post the rules on your blog.
-Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met.
Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.
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Just like many people I have not many anyone famous. Maybe someday. Here are my 7 strange things about should I do this...okay I will:
This was as goofy of a picture as I could find. On a trip in San Antonio in all of these neat old fashioned tourist shops trying on hats.
1) My dog has a dozen outfits and I get the groomers to paint her nails pink every time.
2) I have a white notebook for everything: one filled with decorating ideas, hair style and makeup ideas, coupons, church handouts from lessons, gift basket ideas, people's addresses, one with Birthday dates and ideas for presents, etc. I am looking in our study room counting 17 of them.
3) Okay, this one happened yesterday. If you love dogs, well sorry then. I threw a baseball at my neighbor's dog. Okay, it sounds cruel, but that dog barks every night and keeps me up. A year ago I told my neighbors, politely, about the situation and they shut their door in my face. I then went to the city and they wrote them a complaint letter and nothing has changed. Do you see why I throw rocks at it and baseballs (and spray the hose on it)? :)
4) I go to Walmart at least four times a week (remember, we live in a small town)
5) My favorite food is eggs & ketchup
6) When I was teaching I went to a class. To get to know everyone in the room we had to say the craziest thing we had ever done. I really couldn't think of anything. One girl said that she has licked the Eiffel Tower. I was actually jealous. Jealous of licking the Eiffel Tower??? Why can't I do something crazy like that. I just don't know if I would actually do it.
7) I love teeny-bopper movies, books, and shows. I am so stinkin obsessed with the Twilight series books. I love stupid teen-centered shows like One Tree Hill and Kyle XY. And yes, I have seen High School musical one and two and liked them.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, it is official Brody is a clone of Jeff. Just look at him stare at our fish tank. One afternoon he was screaming and really grumpy and all I had to do was let him watch the fish. Goofy kid.

Yesterday I went with Jeff to school because he only had one class to go to. Brody and I ate in the school cafeteria, toured the campus, and talked to a few people he goes to school with. Afterwards, we went on over to North Park mall and just spent our time walking around. We have to take advantage of the days when Jeff doesn't have classes because up until May he will be stinkin busy finishing up trimester eight. I do appreciate all the time and effort he puts into school trying to get good grades.

Here is a cute video of Brody....he moves his mouth when you talk to him as if he is trying to say something too. That, or he is just mocking me when I say things to him:)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Forget the Terminator...Jeff meets Lou Ferrigno

At Jeff's school today they had Lou Ferrigno talk about Chiropractic. He has been seeing a Chiropractor since he was twenty years old and, well folks, if Mr. Universe sees one then maybe everyone should. So, I wa teasing Jeff and said that he should have asked him how he feels about "the governor" and Jeff said that Lou is actually the sheriff of L.A. He looks pretty big...don't mess with that sheriff!

Friday, January 11, 2008

MSG overload

Jeff does a wonderful diet of all natural foods when he is in school and does really well at it. Every once in a while he goes off of the grease deep end. One of his favorite places is in the next town over called BUFFET CITY. Yes, it truly is as nasty as it looks. Everything is fried and when you walk in you get knocked over by that nasty grease smell. I ate there once and vowed I never would because my broccoli (only thing there not fried) was black and dripping with grease. Here's the real reason Jeff loves it-they have a coupon come out every once in a while which makes their take out only 3.99. Jeff wined and cried when he got back into the car because the mean lady took his coupon and he wanted to use it again before it expired. I watched a Dr. Phil episode one time about seriously obese people who can't get out of their beds and I remember one guy saying these two things: doughnuts are like litlle clouds from heaven (okay, I fully agree with that one) and that there is nothing better on this earth than take out greasy Chinese food. Well, Buffet City is just one of those unique places we will have to take anyone to who dares to come and visit us.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What happems when a man invents something?

I'm at Babies R Us and see this netting bag with a handle that allows you to place a piece of fruit in it so the baby will not choke while eating. Great not really. The package states that it was invented by a father. Of course it was! Just take a look at what happens to a banana in the netting bag....
In case you can't see Brody is covered with banana. All the bag did was allow him to squish banana through the holes so that it could get EVERYWHERE!