Sunday, October 26, 2008

A baptism and a Halloween party all in one day

I have been a blonde forever and I just felt like a change. I really didn't realize how dark I was dying my hair until it was all done. Crazy. It is so dark.

At Jeff's work there is a dog named Gracie which hangs out there (the owner's dog). Brody LOVES her to death and the big dog is scared to death of him. I thought this picture was hilarious...even though it is fuzzy it shows the dog burying her head while Brody is trying to give her a big hug.
Here are a few pictures of Ashtyn Jobe's baptism:

The Price Family

The Hanchetts
Holly is doing great carrying those twins due in about a month or so.

The cute baptism girl=Ashtyn

Our ward's Halloween party was Saturday night. I was so amazed at how well Brody caught onto to the whole trick-or-treating bit. He would shove his bucket onto someone's lap until he got the candy and then run away and circle around and do it again to the same person. What a cutie!

Seriously, ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cousin Time

Hanging out with cousins on the Wiemer's side....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A fun filled weekend!

WHAT COULD POSSIBLE BE IN AUNT KRISTEN'S TUMMY????? Friday night we hung out with Scott, Kristen, Holly, and Ricky. We had some pizza and just lounged around. Very relaxing, cheap weekend (my fav. kind). Brody gets a little bold with Kristen and is always lifting her shirt to find her belly button. This time while trying to find it, I think he was a little surprised with what he found! Kristen is 6 months prego, but has a perfectly round cute belly. Brody just loves, loves her belly now more than ever.
Saturday my nephew, Race Rogers, got baptised out in Phoenix. It was a great program with great catered food to follow. We ate outside of the church at about 6:00 and it was freezing! I am so, so excited it has finally decided to cool down and am very excited for the Holidays right around the corner.

The whole Rick Rogers crew with newly baptised Race in the middle.

Steve, Rick, Race, and Kristi's dad all posing.

Race got a great gift homemade from Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Steve. It is Book of Mormon figurines special ordered with their stories on note cards on the side. Everyone loved it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day at the CIRCUS

So ready for some circus fun...
Hanging out with dad sucking on sunflower seeds...
No idea who these kids are, but hey Jeff was the one with the camera...
Brody got the chance to go with his cousins to the Circus in Gilbert recently. Elephants, acrobats, all types of fun things to look at! The pictures are still frames from video Jeff shot while there. The videos wouldn't upload, so pictures are the next best thing.