Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week of February 17-20

I am not the best at posting so I decided to do more of a journal version to my blog. My sister-in-law (Kristen) put her blog into a book and I heard that it turned out great. I would really love to do the same thing down the here it goes.
A few little blurbs about things this week:
It was Presidents Day so Jeff was off of school and worked on a little project for Brody’s room. Brody seems to like fish and now that our fish tank is sold Jeff was feeling a void for the little guy. He put this shelf up with a small fish tank so that Brody can watch the fish from his crib. The funny thing is that we went to the store and bought feeder fish to stock the tank because, well, Brody doesn’t know the difference and they are very active little things. We also had someone tour our house, but we’ll just have to see with that.

Jeff got home from school early because he got suspended for one week from clinic. Sounds a little like high school, huh. He was using Physical Therapy equipment with one of his patients and was in such a hurry forgot to put away some of it. His punishment; suspension for one week.

Friday-Met a girl who has a baby exactly Brody’s age and went to story time at Midlothina’s library. We had a great time watching our two cuties steal toys from each other. The only thing is I got so jealous because her little girl crawls circles around Brody while he lays on his stomach or back and watches. I am so ready for him to be able to move around a little…he might not feel like he is so stuck. (That blur in the picture is the other little girl-Riley)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

This morning started out with Brody and I going to the gym. I joined the YMCA in the next town over and am loving getting a workout every morning. Brody goes to the child care play area and seems to be doing great. We made the lasdies some homemade applesauce muffins (my mom's famous recipe). As you can tell, Brody was estatic about going anywhere in the car this morning.
When we got home there was a Valentines package on our doorstep all the way from Gilbert.

Jeff got an embroidered gym bag, I got a sign for the house, and Brody got a note from cousin Raiden. Thanks Ellen and Steve!!!