Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ahhh...the graduation is done

Well, the big smarty pants finally did it!!!! I can't even start to explain how excited I am that he is finished with school. NO MORE SCHOOL! Here are just a few pictures from the graduation we got back from last night. I have a video to upload and will post that later, but here are a few moments of the great graduation ceremony. Jeff is now a Doctor of Chiropractic. 8 years of schooling after high school and he is done!
In the crowd of the graduated-there were 108 of them.
Heather helped me with Brody on the sidelines because the ceremony lasted 2 and a half hours.
Derek got to hand Jeff his diploma on stage because he is also a Doctor...very nice of the Prices to come and be a part of the celebration.
Tony, Jeff, and Erik.
Vid and Jeff. Vid is also originally from Gilbert and moved out to Texas to go to school.So, Natalie (in the blue) and I are the only ones in this picture who did not graduate-we always said there's no way we could make it through. I think it is neat that Danielle (in pink) graduated-way to go to her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little of this ...a little of that

Brody is finally getting his top two teeth! The poor kid is 14 months and only has two teeth. Because of this the kid does not eat! He hates baby food (which is gentle enough because of the lack of teeth) and can't yet chew all the big kid food. In this picture below you can start to see his two spikes coming through.

On Saturday we had a big party for Steve, Jeff's dad, who turned 57! We love the parties!
I m so very excited to announce that I picked up my very own copy of Breaking Dawn! I am very excited to start the book, but not really sure when that will happen.
I have started to bike ride with my dad every Saturday morning. Holy cow I am amazed at how fast that 58 year old can go. I try so hard to keep you can see I was trying very hard and made an embaressing spill. Affter an hour and a half of full on riding by canals I begged him to turn around. I have been trying to get in my own early morning bike rides so that I am not left in the dust so much. I really would love to get a road bike someday and train for future triathlons. We'll see!
Brody is not too sure about stinky, sweaty mom. The look says it all.