Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day at the ZOO

Jeff's aunt invited us to the zoo today with free tickets, so how could we say no to that. I was freezing this morning though. I love the warmer weather and am so excited for it to come back. Here are a few pictures, mostly of the cute Brody:
Brody hanging out in front of the giraffes

Bennett (sorry Rachel, if I spelled it wrong) trying to get a better view

Not the best picture, but this is what the zoo truly is

Raiden with Grandma Ellen-Brody and Raiden fight for her attention!

Holly with just one of her babies

Brody saw the older kids doing this and thought he would give it a try-he's a pretty good climber

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jeff's 10 year reunion

I sat down tonight to watch Desperate Housewives and it is a rerun. :( I actually am posting about Jeff's 10 year reunion a few months late...I completely forgot. See what happens when I don't post as often? The reunion was held at Chase Field and was actually crazy expensive. It is just one of those things you do because it only happens once. I begged my awesome sister for an outfit because I had nothing to wear...of course she handed me a few different outfits, the shoes, jewlrey, and bag. WHat a sweetie! We got to go with Katie and Layne and it was nice because we all felt like we had to leave before it ended because of the kiddos. The dinner was nice, but not too much to do being the wife. Here are a few picts. from the night:
Katie, a girl that I forgot her name but she was a sweetie, and me

Jeff, me, and a couple I really don't know, but very nice

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun Friday

Had a great day, but sure am tired though. Last night my sis-in-law Heather invited me to the movies-Bride Wars. There were some other ladies in the ward there and it is funny because I actually felt like I was doing something wrong because I left after dark and got home late. NOt the best of movies and I wouldn't really recommend it just because it was too predictable and very short. My stinking husband didn't listen to my directions on bedtime;I promise I yelled them very clearly and loudly as I ran out the house. I-in my very stern, mommy voice-told him that Brody HAD to go to bed at normal time. Jeff loves to play, play, play with that little guy. Well, I got home and asked the question already knowing the answer, "Did Brody go to bed when he was suppose to?" Jeff tells me that he put him to bed at 9:30. 9-freakin30!!!! What other one year old is allowed to go to bed that late? CPS come arrest my husband, not me-I seriously try. Jeff told me that he would ask Brody if he wanted to go night-night and Brody would shake his head. Thanks Jeff for ASKING Brody if he wants to go to bed. Of course he is going to say no. Yes, my husband was out smarted by a one year old! The story gets even better because Jeff says that Brody finally turned to him and said "night-night". Well ladies, Brody is avaliable for babysitting your hubby if you are interested.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Carless again for most of the day actually wasn't too bad. After doing all the cleaning and laundry that needed to be done I sat down in front of the TV and vegged to my DVR list. Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Kyle XY...I am all caught up. I didn't even feel guilty about it because I had no other choice. Best feeling ever. Cruddy part about going nowhere all say long is that you stay in your mommy sweatpants all say long looking seriously hidious. From our corner of the house..he he, that's right I said corner becuase well that is exactly what we are living in right now at Ellen and Steves. One room for us and a corner in another room for Brody's crib. I laugh about it sometimes because I would never have pictures my life looking like this years ago. I actually have it really good though. ANyways, from my window I see the parking lot of the High School I went to 9 years ago and sometimes wish I could go back to those carefree days of only worrying about boys and grades. Do those teenagers see how good their life is hopping into mommy and daddy's car at the end of the school day? I never got use of a car in high school and always walked to school. Back then I was SO embaressed and would go early enough so that no one would see that my mom and dad weren't the ones that had the kind of money to be able to afford the cool third car that I could zoom around in. I was so lucky though to have food, shelter, friends, and a carefree teenage life. I would so go back in a second, but with a completely different mindset.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new blogger is born

I'll admit it, I am not a very good blogger. I can't publish a post without putting a picture on it, hense the lame picture from the previous post. I spell check and reread through every post making sure there aren't any mistakes. Seriously. I wrote a letter to my missionary brother today and couldn't think of what to tell him has happened in my life lately. I know my days are filled because I am worn out when it is time to go to bed. I always have told myself that I need to start a journal, but I don't...days are flying by and I haven't been keeping good enough track of them. Do I want everyone to know every, but I truly love it when someone is honest about their life in their blog. Even though I am a quarter of the way through my life....I think???? A third? Half? Everyday I learn more about who I am. This is going to get boring to everyone but me. I am not going to spell check, reread, I will just push the big fat Publish button when I feel tired. I need to remember all of the sappy things Brody does or the funny things my husband says on a daily basis. Here it goes...Tuesday...
Today I am carless. My beautiful Dodge Nitro-shouldn't have bought the thing-is in the shop. It truly is my dream car and that is why I had to have I hate it. I hate spending as much money as we so on it. Lesson learned. Used, ugly cars from here on out. Brody had a bad day today because he is not feeling the best and wined and wined and wined. I actually had to hand it to myself how calm I was. I took him for a walk to the park while he kicked the wagon's sides hating every moment. I couldn't believe how happy I was when a neighbor's dog barked, making Brody smile and laugh. I remember thinking that that very moment was the hilight of my day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am old enough to dress myself, right?

I tell my husband all the time after he says something to me that I am going to go write what he said in my blog and post it for all to see. If anyone knows my husband you know he jokes around a lot and that 99 percent of the time his comments are ones that I cannot put on the blog-well, they're a little PG-13. My husband just started working after years of being in school, so we don't have much money to spend shopping. If I could be I would be a shopaholic, going to the mall everyday(good thing that I do have self control though). So, Sunday I got dressed for church, nothing seemed to work, I changed my outfit again and again. I ended up wearing a brown Shade with a brown dress, brown tights, and brown shoes. When we got to church I looked down at my outfit and in a pouty, sad voice said "I look like a big, stupid brown leaf!!!" Looking to my husband and waiting for him to say, "Oh no dear, you look beautiful" or "You look great today, hon" he calmly says "Well, your the one who dressed yourself". Geeze, boys. So blunt, so honest!