Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week of April 21-27

A week ago Jeff was asked to speak in church. So, what does the guy do? He has his dad write the entire talk for him. It was such a great talk and people were coming up to him afterwards wanting a copy. I do admit that it was great and I'm glad that he did a good job, but so not fair. No, Jeff actually had finals this week and writing a talk was not something he really had too much time for. I know he is so grateful that his dad helped him out. He had officially passed Tri 8 and Boards Part III and only has Tri 9 left as well as Boards Part IV left to go.

This week I got back from a trip from good old AZ. We went to watch Ricky Hanchett, Rick Rogers, Derek Price, and Scott Rogers tear it up in the Tempe Ironman. We are so impressed that all four finished and did great! This November Jeff's dad will join in to try and become an Ironman as well. We are planning in signing Jeff up for the November 2009 Ironman in Tempe. Oh boy, lots of training in our future.

I feel bad that I didn't contact and see any friends while on this past trip to the Valley. I got to hang out with both families, though. We really had fun and love to see brothers, sisters, and parents. While I was on the trip Ryan got his mission call to Washington D.C. Spanish speaking and we are all very excited for him. He leaves June 18th and was more than happy to sell me some of his electronics for a really cheap price. Thanks Ryan!!! Oh, Happy 8th Birthday to Candin Newman (big sister Alisha's youngest girl)!!! Candin is a real cutie who loves to keep Brody entertained and does an awesome time doing it . I just know she will be a great help to me when I live closer to her.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week of March31st-April5th

Well, our house is still for sale. It feels like forever, but it really has only been 5 months now. We had to reduce the price by 5 thousand dollars last week and we are probably going to have to lower it more in the near future. So frustrating, but that is the market.
Friday I went with Julie to the Parks mall and had a great time pushing Brody around while we mostly window shopped.
While in the car I caught the two kiddos holding hands and smiling at each other. They are pretty cute together (wink, wink) Look at his "player" face. He is going to be trouble.
Saturday Jeff participated in a bike race out in Downtown Dallas. He had a great time while I cleaned the house and got ready for yet another looker to see the house. He is such a boy and didn't put on any sunblock. He has the funniest sunburn lines. Jeff wear sunblock next time!!!
I love, love to bike and was going to be in the race, but I was stuck cleaning. (Oh, whoa is me) :) I would love to do more bike races in the near future...this does require getting into shape.'ll happen.