Sunday, December 12, 2010

Work Christmas party and some Holiday baking

Last night we had the Preferred Chiropractic work Christmas party at Rockin R Ranch.

I love cowboy food and as you can tell, so does Jeff:

(He looks GREAT as a cowboy)
In the fun little cowboy singing show they ask anyone who's Birthday it is to go up on stage...poor Heather has a loud husband and brother who thinks it is funny to point to her (isn't that like a third grade thing to do?!):

The best part of the night...the white elephant gift exchange. The limit was only 20 dollars and somehow Jeff and I ended up with a gift card to Texas Road House that has 60 dollars on it!
We have been attempting some Holiday baking. Okay, this really means that I add an egg to a mix and put it in the oven!
Brody has been in Science class for Gilbert Parks and Rec and on Thursday they are having a little Christmas party where the kids are to bring a treat. Brody picked out his own cookie mix at the store, cracked the egg, mixed the dough, and even rolled it out and decorated the cookies:

The kid HAD to sample every step he was doing. We had to wash hands very often!


Christa Johnson said...

Looks like fun, cowboy style!!!
I love the pictures on your sidebar... how cute!!!!!
Love you guys,

Gwen said...

Hi Becky, Now that I'm a blogger I'm making my way through all the family blogs. I know now its fun when someone leaves a comment! My comment to you is....its been a long time! Get with it girl! your blog is so colorful and upbeat keep it up!!